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Bead Wire Grommet Machine supplier in China
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Product overview This machine is mainly used for wingding up square section bead of lawn& garden tire, Semi-steel tire, OTR tire huge OTR tire. The machine can wind 2 to 6 beads at one time. Product description Bead wire grommet machine is composed of wire reel stand, rubber extruder, bead wire cooling stand, bead wire pre-storing stand, bead wire pre-bending stand and bead wire ring forming stand. This machine is fully automatic during the whole bead wire ring forming process, it is auto-feeding, auto-counting turns and auto-ejecting. This machine is with functional design and tension device, avoiding bead wire loosing and deviating from guide roller. Bead Wire Pre-Storing Stand is available for the purpose of continuing forming while wire reels are finished. Main technical specifications Technical Specifications of Square Section Bead Winding Line Lawn& Garden TireSemi-steel TireOTR TireHuge OTR Tire Bead Dia. range4''-10''12''-20''20''-40''26''-56'' Bead inner perimeter tolerance卤0.35mm卤0.35mm卤0.5mm卤0.5mm Bead thickness tolerance卤0.5mm卤0.5mm卤0.8mm卤0.8mm Bead overlap length100卤10mm100卤10mm300卤10mm300卤10mm Bead overlap length accuracy卤2mm卤2mm卤2mm卤2mm Bead Dia.~0.96mm~0.96mm~1.55mm~1.55mm Steel wire let off working station8-24 working stations8-24 working stations8-24 working stations8-24 working stations Extruder model65/9065/9065/9065/90 Extruder power11KW/ 30KW11KW/ 30KW11KW/ 30KW11KW/ 30KW Screw L/D1: 12/ 1: 141: 12/ 1: 141: 12/ 1: 141: 12/1: 14 Wire storing length30m30m30m30m Winding linear speed (Max.)60M/MIN80M/MIN80M/MIN80M/MIN Price will be different according to Customer Requirement. Please send to us your detailed requirements so that we can give you the correct quotation.Bead Wire Grommet Machine supplier in China website: