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JIS G3445 stkm11a Precision Steel Automobile Tubes JIS G 3445 Carbon steel tubes for machine structural purposes Application: For machine structural purposes Size Range:OD 5-420mm WT 0.5-50mm Length 12m max Grade: STKM 11A STKM 12 (ABC) STKM 13(ABC) STKM 14(ABC) STKM 15(AC) etc Heat treatment(Please specify the delivery condition and heat treatment requirement when sending the enquiry.) HR hot rolled CW cold worked SR stress relieved A annealed N normalized HF hot formed CHEMICAL COMPOSITION unit:% max Steel GradeCSMnPS STKM 11A0.120.350.600.0400.040 STKM 12A0.200.350.600.0400.040 STKM 12B STKM 12C STKM 13A0.250.350.30-0.900.0400.040 STKM 13B STKM 13C STKM 14A0.300.350.30-1.000.0400.040 STKM 14B STKM 14C STKM 15A0.25-0.350.350.30-1.000.0400.040 STKM 15C STKM 16A0.35-0.450.400.40-1.000.0400.040 STKM 16C STKM 17A0.45-0.550.400.40-1.000.4000.040 STKM 17C STKM 18A0.180.551.500.0400.040 STKM 18B STKM 18C STKM 19A0.250.551.500.0400.040 STKM 19C STKM 20A0.250.551.600.0400.040 Note:1.When the purchaser require product analysis for the tubes made of killed steel, the tolerances for the values given above shall be as specified in the Table 2 in JIS G 0321 for seamless steel tubes and in Table 1 for electric resistance welded or butt welded steel tubes 2.For the tubes of STKM 15 made by electric resistance welding process, the lower limit of carbon content may be Altered by agreement between the parties concerned. 3.For the tubes of STKM 20,Nb in combination with V may be added, in the case, the maximum content of Nb+V shall be 0.15% Mechanical Properties Steel GradeTensile strength Mpa minYield strength Mpa minElogation% min STKM 11A290-35 STKM 12A34017535 STKM 12B39027525 STKM 12C47035520 STKM 13A37021530 STKM 13B44030520 STKM 13C51038015 STKM 14A41024525 STKM 14B50035515 STKM 14C55041015 STKM 15A47027522 STKM 15C58043012 STKM 16A51032520 STKM 16C62046012 STKM 17A55034520 STKM 17C65048010 STKM 18A44027525 STKM 18B49031523 STKM 18C51038015 STKM 19A49031523 STKM 19C55041015 STKM 20A54039023 The tolerances on outside diameter and wall thickness for the tubes shall be as given in Table 4 and Table 5,respectively.Precision Steel Tube factory website: