Im the only daughter to my mother and at the same time my Father lol,Yes Im eligitemate so as I grow up.There are a lot of criticism and sad to say it comes from my own relatives but despite of putting me down,I still stand up to continue fighting .For I know life is a gift ,it is worth fighting for.When I start studying in Elementary I am not that courageous enough,maybe i feel pity for myself and Envy my classmates cause they had Father with them while me only my grandma,and my mother with me .It is not that memorable but still i conquer them with courage and Faith ,so when I graduated in my primary school I try to take an examination for my secondary education ,so I heard an institution that is free from everything ,clothing, shelter, home,and food so i ask God for His guidance to pass the exam to make it short ,I pass the exam .I studied there for 4 years ,It was the most memorable days of my schooling so far .Though our life there is controlled by nuns since its your wellingness to be there so no choice just follow the rules and regulations .Time is so fast so when i graduated there because of financially lack so Inorder for me to continue my studies I ask my friend in southern Part of Cebu if someone looking for a working scholar so luckily i found and i was able to study there a full scholar as BSagriculture but sad to say because of the fully loaded schedule I was not able to finish so I stop again and now Im still currently studying BSinformation System A 4rth year Irregular in Informatics College Cebu.